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All American FAQ

Will my son play on a team with his own age?

Games will be set up as grade vs grade. 

What day should I arrive?

All players will need to checkin on June 7 19

What is Host Hotel?

Info is under Hotels Tab

How much does it coat to play?

Game fee is $250

How much is down payment?

Down payment is normally $100

What do we recieve for our game fee?

Roster spot, Custom Jersey and pants,custom gloves and more

When is final payments due?

If you have a payment plan it will be paid out June 1 2019

Do you have refunds?

No refunds our website provides insurance in case of injury etc, If player cant attend we will keep the money on the athletes account and the money can be used for events in the future. 

How much are game tickets?

They are $10 for all school age and above that enter

How can I buy tickets?

During checkin, at merchandise table and at the gate on game day