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Selection Criteria

How do I make the All American Team

1. The number one way is to attend a combine so we can see you in person and note your testing data

2. Nominate yourself here We will evaluate your film, stats and game play from previous or current year.

3. A Diamond Scout can also give you a automatic invite to the game. We have scouts in every state in the USA. 

Selection Criteria

We select 60% of the players for the game from our  Combines. We are the nations #1 testing and assesment combine and travel looking for the unknown athlete each year. Diamond Sports Group has a huge network of scouts and coaches in every region that look for top talent daily. After review of the nomination and film a scout will call the athlete for a interview or the athlete will receive an invite letter in the mail.Each athlete must be enrolled in an accredited school and must play for either an academic school team or a youth football team sanctioned within they state they reside to be eligible to play. 

How Will I Be Notified That I Made The Team

1. A scout will send you an email notifying you that you are being evaluated for the game

2. A scout will call you for an interview

3. Some athletes will be sent invitations from video and some will have to wait until season starts for final evaluation

Any questions email