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Youth All American

Youth All American Games

The Diamond YOUTH All American Bowl sets the platform like no other bowl game in the country.  We recruit from 3rd grade to 9th grade student athletes to play in the DIAMOND YOUTH ALL AMERICAN BOWL in Myrtle Beach, SC.   There are over 500 young athletes that participate and come from all over the United States.  We recruit through nominations to our website, coach’s recommendations and our many scouts that are all over the country going to youth football games and recruiting on the spot!  Our first annual 2015 Youth All American Bowl we had 450 athletes attend and now we just added 3rd and 4th grade levels for 2016, as there are no other All American Bowls with that age group. The projection of athletes for 2016 will be well over 500 youth athletes attend this Bowl game.   Our mission is to give the best exposure to these young athletes and show them now how to stay on the right path and to take this journey with us through High School.