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Marcus Dixon All American Game

Marcus Dixon High School All American

We have had the honor to name our Senior All American Bowl after a young man from Stamford Connecticut, Marcus Dixon McInerney.  He was a young courageous student athlete who unfortunately left us too soon.  We encourage you to view to understand why we chose to name our game after Marcus.  

Our Senior Bowl consists of two teams, best vs. best, where we recruit senior players from all over the country to give them the best exposure and extend their senior football career for the big stage in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The game is held at The Doug Shaw Memorial Stadium and 70 athletes from all over the United States travel to Myrtle Beach, SC, to play in one of the largest games in the country.  This is their chance to shine and get recognition from coaches and recruiters from all over the country in our live web stream game.  Athletes who may not have that D1, D2 or even D3 offer or have struggled to get exposure to coaches all over the country do have that chance playing in our games.